South West Music School is committed to bringing quality music education to everyone, regardless of their ability to pay. We offer scholarships to students based on three things:

  1. Need, as shown by eligibility for school lunch program or food stamps.
  2. Ability or potential ability, as determined by a teacher’s recommendation.
  3. Student interest, as determined by an age-appropriate student essay.

We award scholarships up to a maximum of 50% of tuition & registration fees, a maximum of $200 plus cut the registration fee in half at $22 putting the total of lessons at $222. Families may be able to find other sources for financial aid for the remainder of the costs.

Your application, complete with all the parts and the first payment, must be received by September 15 of this year, or it will not be considered.  We will notify you by Oct 1.

Print both forms below. Have you teacher fill out the recommendation form

If you have any questions, email them to   or telephone 971-238-7967

Would you like to donate to our scholarship fund?