How Can I Help?

South West Music School is a volunteer-run organization. We rely on YOU to help keep costs down.

Please let us know your interest in helping. Email to office@swmusicschool.org or by calling  971-238-SWMS(7967)


Help Wanted: Teens:
Teen volunteers needed to assist group violin lessons. Get volunteer hours AND great experience!  Semester or school year commitment preferred, but it’s never too late to start.

See schedule for locations and class times.  Email Megan at office@swmusicschool.org to apply.


Help Wanted : Flyers

Year round we need your help distributing flyers, giving presentations and represent us at your PTA/PTO meeting to make people aware of our program and expand our school.

Twice a year,  we need to distribute flyers and put up yard signs at 54 schools in our Beaverton area, then retrieve the yard signs a month later. Want to volunteer for this very vital job?  RSVP to office@swmusicschool.org or call 971-238-SWMS(7967).

Board of Directors:

Thank you to our volunteer board of directors:

Dan Rasay, Director
Laura Elvers
Michael Monteleone
Suzanne Gaye